Buying your Dream

Allow me to guide you in finding your perfect home that fits your lifestyle.

The relationship between home buyers and their Agent is based on trust, mutual goals, understanding and consistent communication.

When searching for your dream home, it’s important to be well informed of the local real estate market, knowing what the trends are, whether a property is priced right, identifying the opportunities and the challenges.

There are a variety of very important factors to consider when looking for the perfect home.

I will evaluate all aspects of the property and guide you to determine the most important features to ensure it’s aligned with your priorities so that the property is a perfect fit to enhance your lifestyle and your investment goals, whether long or short term.

I will simplify the complex process of matching you with your dream home and lifestyle so you are confident and excited about the investment that you make.

Did you know?

Listing Agents can only represent the best interests of the Seller. Therefore, as a Buyer, it is important to have full representation from a Designated Agent who has your best interests as the top priority when looking to negotiate a fair deal on a property. This important service does not cost you in commission, but it could save you thousands when it comes to negotiating the best deal with the most favourable terms and strong subjects that protect you as the Buyer.

As your Designated Buyer’s Agent, I will effectively and strategically negotiate with the Seller’s Agent on your behalf.  Having achieved a CNE® designation (Certified Negotiation Expert), I have skills to handle the complexities associated with negotiations, the ability to leverage certain terms and conditions, and will help you reach your desired price – saving you time and money.  I have the experience and resources to explain the fine print and draft strong contracts that will protect you should there be an unforeseen issue related to the property, the Seller, financing, issues affecting the property, and legal notations on title.

It would be my pleasure help you find your perfect home, or vacation property that fits your lifestyle.  Please call or email me any time to arrange a meeting.

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